What to Expect

First Consultation
Your first consultation will be anything up to 45 minutes. We will start with a thorough case history covering your current symptoms, previous medical history, including any operations, accidents or major events. This allows us to build a picture of your health, and potential stresses on your spinal joints to plan your treatment accordingly.


We will need to do a physical examination and usually request our patients to undress down to your underwear so we can see your posture, spinal alignment, and assess joint movement. If you prefer to remain clothed please wear loose clothing.
You are welcome to bring another adult to your consultation as a chaperone.
As well as a physical assessment we may need to carry out medical assessments such as blood pressure and reflexes. All results will be discussed with you during this consultation.


Treatment is hands on and will be a mixture of joint mobilisation, soft tissue and articulation, with cranial sacral, when necessary. This will be discussed with you as we treat.
After your first treatment please expect a reaction. This could include soreness and/or pain. This is a normal inflammatory reaction and can last between 24-48 hours. We will provide you with advice to support you through this.


Follow-up Treatments
Subsequent treatments are around 40 minutes. We will do a follow up consultation, continue with treatment and advise on rehabilitation exercises if/when necessary. We offer a maintenance service to all our patients wanting regular monthly sessions to keep their health in optimum condition. You get your choice of time slots to fit into your lifestyle.

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