There are occasions when orthotics are essential and I am proud to offer a bespoke orthotics service. The process involves taking a plaster cast of each foot and sending them to a specialist lab for them to manufacture a quality, lightweight and bespoke fitting orthotic. The company I use are called Pegasus Orthoses, a highly reputable company who guarantee;


  • ‘Precision-made’ direct milled CAD-CAM orthotics
  • ‘Custom made’ to match the precise needs of the individual patient for better fit and greater control
  • Greater comfort due to the shell flexibility to patient weight ratio
  • Extremely versatile and easily transferable between different pairs of shoes
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use


My patients who have had orthotics made by me have been very happy with the end product. For further enquiries and to book a fitting call today.

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