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Birth is a journey.  In many cases it is a beautiful pleasant journey. In some cases, mine included, it can be a challenging journey!


Osteopathy is a very gentle, non invasive and painless treatment which helps to console and promote wellbeing.  The role of the osteopath is to assess the different parts of the body, recognise where imbalance is occurring that is contributing to malfunction.  Mechanical restrictions can have a profound effect on functioning of the body.  We use gentle hands on techniques to help balance and restore healthy function.


Osteopathy can benefit many people including newborns, children and teenagers.  Local midwives support the therapy and recommend us to their families.


We also invite mother’s for a post partum osteopathic check up.  You have just done the most amazing human activity of giving birth, so now you must get your self checked out!  A woman’s body changes during pregnancy.  Those changes include the softening of ligaments, weight increase and changes to posture.  These can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine and pelvis.  So however you birth your baby, my team and I can offer you a thorough assessment.  Your new world will involve a lot of bending forward, so let us help you stay in optimum health.

I’m in the early stages of pregnancy and I was recommended to see Bhopinder at Love your Back. I was in quite alot of pain and discomfort in my lower back region so after having several sessions with Cheryl I was beyond delighted to feel completely back to normal, if not even better!

My pain and discomfort has completely gone I can not praise Bhopinder and Cheryl enough for helping. You receive professional and wonderful treatment in a very hospitibal and friendly environment!



I saw Pindy to treat my 2 week old baby Catherine for wind and not settling after feeds. Pindy was friendly, approachable and very patient with Catherine and put me completely at ease.

After taking a history and assessing Catherine, Pindy performed some manoeuvres on Catherine and realigned her. The following day Catherine passed a lot of wind and poo and since then she has been much better. I thoroughly recommend Pindy for her expertise and caring nature. Best wishes



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